Quarantine Area Tape
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Carlton's Barricade Tape is the economical choice for marking hazardous areas. Not only is our Barricade Tape highly visible and completely reusable, but because it is 4 mil thick it does not fold and allows for   ...
Custom 4 Mil Roll of Barricade Tape 3" x 1000'

Custom 4 Mil Roll of Barricade Tape 3" x 1000'

This item requires a set up fee on your initial order.
Please call us at 800-231-5988.
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When you need something beyond a stock legend, choose Carlton's custom barricade tape. Customize this premium tape any way you like; even add a company logo or graphic, and convey the exact message you need.   ...
Color Coded Reflective Marking Tape 2" Striped
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High quality, Engineer Grade Reflective tape with adhesive that sticks to almost any surface! Available in 6 solid colors and 4 striped colors. Available in 4 widths, 1', 2', 3', 4' by 30'   ...
Printed Vinyl Tape - Danger 2"x100'
In stock, may require production
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Our vinyl printed tape is available with nine stock legends or may be custom printed.  An ideal way to warn employees and non employees of potential danger.  Legends repeat every 15 inches.  Put on   ...
Vinyl Marking Tape - Green 3/4" Roll
In stock, may require production
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Color-coded for easy identification!  Price per 36 Yard Roll   ...
Reflective Vinyl Arrows 2 Inch 25Pk
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Price per Pack of 25 Reflective Vinyl Arrows and Dots. Available in 2' and 3' and in colors red, green, blue and   ...
Pipe Markers - 6 inch x 30 feet Roll - CAUSTIC
In stock, may require production
From  $89.96ex VAT$91.76inc VAT
Simple installation is a key feature, wrap marker around pipe and cut across guidelines. Strong, adhesive backing that pulls off and adheares to pipe. Measures 6 inches wide by 30 feet long. Each roll marks 10   ...
Pole Reflectors - Engineer Grade Reflectors
From  $8.62ex VAT$8.79inc VAT
Completely encircles the pole to increase visibility dramatically Cuts down on accidents Simple to install - lasts for 10 years plus Vandal resistant Comes in your choice of 1 1/2' width   ...
RearEndTrailerKit 2"x16" rd/wht strip
&4- 2"x12" wht strips
In stock, may require production
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Conspicuity tape is cost effective accident prevention that will pay for itself. Outfit your trailers with this diamond grade reflective tape which carries a full 7 year warranty. For easy application,   ...
Underground Tape - Non-Detectable - Fiber Optic Line Below

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Our standard non-detectable 'Smart Tape' is 4 mil vinyl, highly resistant to acids, alkalis, and other soil components.  All colors available in 3' and 6' widths.  Each comes 1000 feet to a roll in a   ...
Fight The Fight Find A Cure Tape
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Carlton's Special Event Tape is a great way to mark off areas for your special events.  Not only is our tape highly visible, but also completely reusable.  This tape is sold in 3 roll sizes - 200, 500,   ...
Color Coded Shipping Tape
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Identify shipment methods, warehouse locations and parts by color coding. High tac acrylic adhesive adheres to most surfaces. Measures 2' by 55 yards with 7 colors to choose from:  Red, Blue, Green,   ...
Non-Adhesive Pallet Tape-QA HOLD-Black on Yellow
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Non-Adhesive Pallet Tape - QA Hold (Black on Yellow) 3 inches 500 yards per   ...
Tamper-Proof Security Strips - 2" x 9"
In stock, may require production
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Each strip measures 2' x 9', and is consecutively numbered, making each different.  If cut or removed, an easily visible 'OPENED' message repeats on the box and strip may not be resealed. Price Per Pack of   ...
Flat Twine - Flat Twine 2" x 650'
In stock, may require production
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Sticks only to itself!  Replaces tape, twine and strapping. Bundles and Wraps Compact- Small enough to fit in your pocket! No knots No tying No adhesive residue 300% stretchability Comes with patented   ...