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Product Description

Buried Fiber Optic Line Non-Detectable Tape
Our standard buried Non-Detectable "Smart Tape" is 4 mil vinyl, highly resistant to acids, alkali and other soil components. 
All colors available in 3" and 6" widths, 1000-foot rolls.
Detectable tape is recommended when installing plastic or clay pipe systems. 
If buried 4 to 6 inches below the surface, it can easily be found with a metal detector. 
Manufactured on 5 mil thick vinyl with solid aluminum core.
3" detectable at depths of 12" - 24"
6" detectable at depths of 22" - 30"  

Price per 1000 Foot Roll

All sizes of this tape may be custom printed with your company name, address and phone number. 
Call for details.  1-800-231-5988

Specifications and additional product information
Underground Warning Tape - Non-Detectable Tape

Buried Fiber Optic Line Non-Detectable Tape

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Item No: 1672S
Price: $42.50 - $79.90
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