LOTO - Lockout/Tagout

Danger High Voltage Sign
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Signs are available on .055 polyethylene, as a vinyl decal with adhesive or on .040 aluminum.    All signs offered in 10' x 14' or 20' x 24' unless otherwise noted.   ...
Danger Equipment Locked Out By
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Accident Prevention Tags are available in two materials: Cardstock and Rigid Vinyl. Rigid Vinyl  tags are highly durable and resistant to moisture, grease and corrosion.  The matte finish   ...
Lockout Box
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This lockout box contains all the items you need to comply with OSHA standards... 10 Reusable rigid vinyl tags 100 Urethane tag ties 4 Multiple lockouts with 1 1/2' hasps 4 Padlocks, 1 1/2' shackled, keyed alike   ...
Electrical Ground Labels
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Carlton's electrical ground labels are ideal for electrical components.  These adhesive-backed paper labels are required on earth ground connections.  Place on exposed wiring and meet international   ...
Safety Lockout Hasp - 1 1/2" jaws
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Keeps equipment inoperative while repairs or adjustments are being made Attaches to energy disconnect switch Control cannot be turned on until last worker's padlock is removed Insulated with bright red coating   ...