Chemical Instruction Tags - Instructions For Disposal Tag 4 x 7.5
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Our chemical instruction tags are an easy way to identify chemicals for disposal or recovery.  Manufactured on 3 ply cardstock.  The front has space for writing instructions and the back provides a   ...
Three Color Tear Off Tag - 2 7/8 x 5 3/4
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Track the status of a job easily with these brightly colored 3-part tags.  Tags are conveniently perforated between each color.  When status changes, simply tear off the bottom color.  Constructed   ...
Chemical Smart Tags - 4 x 8
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Chemical Smart Tags are manufactured on heavy duty Tyvek® (you cannot tear Tyvek® with your hands) and printed with all-weather inks, making it an ideal tag for inside or outside use.  This tag holds   ...
Stock Instruction Tags - Certification 2 7/8 Inch x 5 3/4 Inch
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Our instruction tags are 2 7/8' x 5 3/4' and are printed with brightly colored ink on white cardstock.  Each tag is wired and sold in packages of 100 tags. Price per Pack of   ...
Barricade Tag - 3 x 5
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These barricade tags are made of 20 mil vinyl with a 3/8' eyelet.   Size: 3' x 5' Price per pack of   ...
Blank Self Laminating Vinyl Tags 3.5 x 5
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Our color-coded tags come with your choice of simple hole punch, 3/8' brass eyelet or large size non-conductive 1/2' plastic grommet. You simply write on them and then overlay the laminate cover. Urethane   ...
Danger Electrician Working On Line
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Accident Prevention Tags are available in two materials: Cardstock and Rigid Vinyl. Rigid Vinyl tags are highly durable and resistant to moisture, grease and corrosion.  The matte finish accommodates writing   ...
Heavy Duty Aluminum Tags - Small - Heavy Duty Aluminum Tags 1 x 3
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This solid, soft aluminum tag is the answer when you need a tag to hold up to the harshest plant conditions or lengthy periods outdoors. Tags may be easily indented with pen, pencil or any pointed object (even a   ...
Etched Aluminum Nameplates - 3/4 x 2
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For your toughest tagging problems, try these durable (30 years plus) and beautiful brightly-colored nameplates.  These nameplates are highly resistant to heat, abrasion and chemicals and are ideal for use   ...
Meter Seals with Copper Wires 12 inches
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Lead Meter Seals Carlton's meter seals can be used to attach valve tags the tamper proof way!  Each seal is 12' long.  Available with copper or stainless steel wires.  Sold 250 per pack. Lead   ...
Vinyl Tag Protectors 100Pk Fits up to 3" x 5 1/2"
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Carlton's Vinyl Tag Protectors (Beaded Chains Sold Separately) are ideal not only for all sizes of cardboard tags but also shipping papers, special instructions for equipment, etc.  Heavy duty vinyl is   ...
Blank Colored Aluminum Valve Tags 25PK 2 Inch
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These durable, anodized tags are manufactured to provide a color finish that is actually part of the surface! Available in two sizes - 1½' and 2' diameter and in five colors (blue, red, gold, green, and   ...