Fire Safety

Fire Extinguisher Down Arrow Marker 4x18
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Fire Equipment ID Markers are Vinyl Adhesive peel and   ...
Emergency Exit Only Alarm Will Sound - Vinyl Decal 4 x 18
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Carlton's Fire Equipment Markers are printed on Adhesive Vinyl for easy application to fire equipment areas.   ...
Dual Sided Fire Extinguisher Tag - Cardstock 2-7/8 x 5-3/4
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Carlton's Fire Extinguisher Recharge and Inspection Tag comes in two materials:  Cardstock or Vinyl.   See RVT120 for Vinyl. Choose our Cardstock tags for indoor use. Inspection dates and recharge   ...
Luminescent Exit 8x12 Sign
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Carlton's luminescent signs stay illuminated for over 10 hours after power failure.  These signs guide employees to exits or fire and emergency equipment.   Choose from three different materials:   ...