Emergency Warning Triangle Kit - 16"
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Each kit contains three bright orange 16' triangles which simply unfold at the hinges and insert into the base for easy set-up. Each triangle has red reflectors for daytime or nighttime use.  Kit comes in   ...
Conspicuity Tape - Broken Side Pattern
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Will cover 50% of both sides of the trailer with an evenly spaced broken pattern. Fits trailers 28' with 20 strips.                    45' with 32   ...
Assorted HazWaste Labels - USED OIL - 6 x 6
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Carlton's assorted Hazardous Waste labels are printed on our durable all-weather vinyl and printed with all-weather inks to provide long-lasting use - indoors or out.  Styles 1471-1478 are Priced per   ...
NFPA Vinyl Adhesive Panel Kits
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All you need is one convenient kit. Contains 5 vinyl adhesive panels, 15 of each 0 through 4 and 5 each of the six symbols. Price per Vinyl Adhesive Panel   ...
UN#3082 Misc Dangerous Goods Numbered Placard
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These Stock Numbered Placards come in your choice of four premium materials and in frequently used styles. 10 3/4 x 10   ...
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Removable Vinyl Numbering 3 1/2' Numbers for Placards - Decal size 2' x 4' Kit of 1000 (100 each - 0 through 9) Price per Kit - Black on Clear   ...
Class 6 Inhalation Hazard - Perm Adhesive 10 3/4 x 10 3/4
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Vinyl with Permanent Adhesive, One-sided, blank (no number) Price per   ...
Class 1 Explosives Placard - 1.1 Handy Tab
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This style replaces up to 10 placards by allowing you to label with the correct compatibility letter as needed. Price per Handy Tab   ...
Flame Picto Placard
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Available in four materials and measures 10 3/4' x 10 3/4'. Use these one-sided placards to mark your containment vessels or tanks to comply with OSHA/Hazcom requirements. Polyvinyl - One-Sided (B) Removable   ...
Class 3 - Flammable Int'l Wordless Placard
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These placards comply with the IMDG Code and UN recommendations for the transport of dangerous goods. Available in two material types:  Poly Blend - no adhesive   Premium Vinyl - with adhesive   ...
Spacemaster® Hot Markings - Hot, Blank
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Placard frames are constructed of sturdy corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy. Panels are made of aluminum alloy 3105-H16 and mill roller coated with white acrylic paint. Double riveted stainless steel fasteners   ...
Environmentally Hazardous Substance Markings - Placards
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Marine Pollutant Markings are used for shipments of hazardous material classified as environmentally hazardous under 49 CFR 172.322 and shipments containing marine pollutants under IMDG code.   All   ...
Hot Markings 3257 Placard
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Stay in compliance.  DOT requirements of transportation of bulk packaging hazardous material containing an elevated temperature marking is required to have a HOT marking. Overall size:  10 3/4 x 10   ...
Blank Orange Panels - 6.3 x 15.7
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An alternative to vehicle placards with I.D. numbers. The size of the panel is 160mm x 400mm.  (6.3' x 15.7') They may be purchased blank for numbering with a kit.  Orange panel may also be   ...
UN#3082 Misc Dangerous Goods Numbered Placard
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These Stock Numbered Placards come in your choice of four premium materials and in frequently used styles. 10 3/4 x 10   ...
Dangerous Worded Placard
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Worded placards are designed to meet DOT specifications for color and size. Materials include:  Polyvinyl One-sided (B) Removable Adhesive Vinyl (RV) 20 mil. Rigid Vinyl (RG) Permanent Adhesive   ...
Emergency Response Guidebook 2020 - Travel Size 4 x 5 1/2
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The ERG is an important resource for first responders, providing critical guidance during the initial phase of a hazardous materials incident! This book provides a source of information for emergency response   ...
Combustible Shipping Label
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These labels are required for shipping hazmat by ground, rail, air and sea. Hazard class labels must be used on certain bulk and non-bulk packages. Our heavy duty coated paper stock labels comply with all   ...
Right Lane Must Turn Right Sign 18 x 24
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These signs are manufactured on .080 Aluminum, with a choice of Engineer Grade Reflective or Hi-Intensity Reflective, measure 18' x 24' and can be used to designate certain traffic to certain   ...
Parking Block  4" x 6" x 72" - 30 lbs.
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Replace your cracked and crumbling concrete parking blocks with these totally recycled plastic ones. Just 20% the weight of concrete, this lightweight block still maintains the superior strength and durability   ...