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Custom Property Control Tags -Anodized Aluminum

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Fast, affordable and durable identification printed to your specifications!
  • Ideal for marking equipment around the office
  • Available in nine colors: red, orange, gold, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, copper, and black with consecutive numbering - choose positive or reverse print
  • Three materials available
  • Comes on handy strips of 10, each with adhesive backing that sticks to most surfaces
Anodized Aluminum
  • Indentable .003 aluminum surface guarantees that messages will remain on decal even if ink or lead washes away
  • The ultimate in durability- will stand up to extreme temperatures, grease, solvents, abrasion and moisture without rusting.
  • Your wording and logo permanently anodized into the metal
  • Consecutive number: 1/8" numbering.  Minimum of 5 digits.
To order: Specify style, color and exact wording. If tags are to be numbered, give beginning number. Number prints in black. Tags come 10 to a strip in packs of 100 and can be made with silver background or silver print and your choice of ink.

Art Preparation: Add $45.00 set-up charge.

Priced per individual tag.

Photo Product SKU Dimensions Price Order
Custom Property Control Tags -Anodized Aluminum AA300 3/4 x 1-1/2
300 - 400$2.02
500 - 900$1.38
1000 - 2400$0.84
2500 - 4900$0.51
> 5000$0.37
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Photo Product SKU Dimensions Price Order
Custom Property Control Tags -Anodized Aluminum AA301 3/4 x 2
300 - 400$2.16
500 - 900$1.46
1000 - 2400$0.93
2500 - 4900$0.55
> 5000$0.46
Customization Text: