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Inventory Tags - Style IT-3
Six different styles to choose from that can meet all of your inventory needs! 

  • Style IT-2 -- 2 part - 1 part NCR, 1 part manila tag stock.  Consecutively numbered and printed on 2 sides.
  • Style IT-2A -- Same as IT-2 but with adhesive on back for application to cabinets, shelves, boxes, etc.
  • Style IT-3 -- Same as IT-2 but with 3 parts - 1 yellow paper, 1 white paper, 1 manila tag stock.
  • Style IT-4 -- Manila tag with 1 sheet bond, 1 sheet yellow bond, 2 carbons, consecutively numbered, no print for in-house marking.
  • Style IT-5 -- 2 consecutive numbers perforated so that bottom section may be used for record keeping, top section may be attached to actual piece.
  • Style IT-6 -- 2 consecutive numbers perforated.  Tag has 2 part NCR construction.
Sold in packs of 100 with a Minimum order of 500 (5 packs).

Inventory Tags - Style IT-3

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