Product Description

Handicap Symbol Stencil Large - 42"x 48"
This stencil measures 42" x 48"
These stencils are the ultimate in industrial grade stencils.
Unlike other stencils, this product will not break, warp, bend, crease or load up with paint.
They give crisp, accurate markings every time, because they are precision cut to always lay flat.
Their heavy weight and flexibility allow them to conform to any surface - smooth or rough. 
We also offer letters and numbers that snap together to form complete words as needed.
Ideal for repetitive markings such as logos, directional arrows, numbers and letters.
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Price per Stencil

Handicap Symbol Stencil Large - 42"x 48"

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Item No: ST105
Price: $150.82
In stock, may require production
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