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Custom Exterior HazMat Decals UN2315 6 x 6
Ensure strict compliance with all existing Hazardous Waste marking regulations.
Order them preprinted to eliminate filling out by hand.  
These 6" x 6" Vinyl decals comply with California regulations for marking of containers containing hazardous waste.
Direct from Carlton, one of our fastest turnaround compliance products!
To order specify quantity and stock number.  For custom add "P" to stock number and customization needed.
For a roll of 500 paper labels add "L" to stock number.

California has a State Regulated label to comply with additional EPA regulations.  Use part #1402CA.

Price per Vinyl Exterior Hazmat Decal 
Custom - All styles "P"
Price per Roll of 500 Paper Exterior Hazmat Labels - All styles "L"

Custom Exterior HazMat Decals UN2315 6 x 6

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